Grant Recipients

2018-2019 school year:  $20,033.81

$791.80 Safety Equipment Ezekiel Ezra Smith High School

This grant provides up to date personal safety equipment such as gloves and hoods for student training for the various environments firefighters encounter.

$5000.00 STEM at the Edge of Space Douglas Byrd High School

This grant funds the opportunity for the students from up to nine schools to participate in a weather balloon launch into the stratosphere.  Students would create experiments and activities to send up with the balloon and then retrieve the experiments to analyze the results.

$1018.39 Kindergarten Technology Readiness

This grant provides funding for the purchase of Bee-Bot Coding devices and manipulatives to expand student learning and 21st century technology readiness.

$1033.62 Primary Students Learn About Coding Glendale Acres Elementary School

This grant provides funding for over 250 primary aged children to receive hands-on resources to build their coding skills.

$5000.00 Gearing Up Makers Brentwood Elementary School

This grant provides funding for an enhanced Makerspace room for the school’s k-5 students.  In a makerspace environment students will hone their creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills. Students will experience 3D printing, coding, and virtual reality.

$4300.00 Exploring Our World One Expedition at a Time Rockfish Elementary School

This grant will fund virtual reality kits for the school.  Students will be able to explore the world through this innovative, exciting, and fun format for learning. It will provide cross curricular experiences in math, science, social studies, technology, and literacy.

$2390.00 Hands 2 Mind:  Hands-on Learning for Growing Minds Westarea Elementary School

This grant funds the purchase of hands-on math kits (one per grade level) to support the concrete and virtual use of manipulatives in the school’s k-5 math classrooms. In addition, the kits create a solid home-school connection by providing parent resources and training.

$500.00 Being Innovators and Problem Solvers Walker-Spivey Elementary School

This grant provides funds for students to participate in a field trip to the Greensboro Science Center.  The purpose of the trip is to generate enthusiasm and interest in STEM related topics and classroom experiences.

2017-18 school year: $21,444.74

$4939.92 FTS Makerspace and Waste Reclamation Terry Sanford High School
This grant awards funds enabling the school to set up a plastic reclamation and 3D printing center on campus. Recyclable plastics will be captured, pulverized into small chips and pellets and then be processed into 3D printing filament to provide the material with which the students will use the 3D printer to create models for applied learning in science and engineering.

$5000.00 Adventures in the Classroom Reid Ross Classical in conjunction with South View High School and Westover High School
This grant is awarded to provide for the purchase of 180 Canbor VR goggles to allow students to take virtual reality field trips in English, math, and science classrooms.

$710.03 STEM on Top Alderman Road Elementary
This grant is awarded to purchase materials for use by the Exceptional Children (EC) students in grades Kindergarten through 5th for real world application and hands-on learning in STEM topics.

$3690.00 Learning to Build Alderman Road Elementary
This grant provides funds for the purchase of Kapla Blocks for Kindergarten – 2nd grade students at elementary schools across the county as they will be held by the Director of AIG/Discovery Program for the benefit of teachers in the program who may check them out for use.

$3232.43 Science Curriculum Enhancing Materials Brentwood Elementary
This grant provides funds for the purchase of items to be used with the science curriculum to allow 5th grade students access to enhanced learning through hands-on instruction and experiences.

$833.86 Infusing STEMs into Second Grade Walker Spivey Elementary
This grant provides funding for the purchase of tinkering kits, Legos ultimate building kits, weather tools, robotics kits, and insects/plants to spark interest in STEM subjects and support the 2nd grade curriculum in an innovative way.

$3038.50 A Dolphin MakerSpace Room Ashley Elementary
This grant provides funds to enable the school to enhance their MakerSpace Room as students design, experiment, build and invent in science, technology, engineering, and math.

2016-17 school year: $13,603.40

$1000 Museum of Life and Science Field Trip Alger B. Wilkins High School
The majority of the students at this school cannot afford a field trip. This grant enabled the students to travel to the Life and Science Museum in Raleigh, enjoy a lunch off school property, and expand their worldview.

$1167 Girl Empowerment – Reaching for the Moon and Beyond Walker Spivey Elementary School
This grant provided funding for a STEM girls’ group that conducts hands-on activities, field trips, mentors, and uses reflective 3D displays to increase interest in math and science areas in an effort to close the gap between male and female performance in STEM fields.

$1875.95 Lego Mindstorms Project Jack Britt High School
This grant purchased materials for students enrolled in Drafting III to build a robot and assess its functionality for their capstone project.

$500 Fire Behavior EE Smith High School
The primary goal of the fire academy is to prepare student for a career as a firefighter. This grant enabled them to construct a training facility with conex to teach them what cannot be learned by reading.

$1059 Student Weather Report EE Smith High School
This grant purchased a weather station for students to use to analyze current weather and prepare reports on the same for the school’s broadcast.

$1498 Understanding Blood Splatter Southview High School Academy of Public Safety and Security
This grant purchased software to give students in the academy a better understanding of how to process a crime scene and providing them with real world skills to perform the job after high school.

$2300 Building Robots and More! Westover High School
This funded two robotics teams to compete in the First Tech Challenge Competitions. The students also shared what they learned at outreach events and with elementary and middle schools and a boy scout troop in an effort to encourage younger students to consider engineering and robotics as career pathways.

$4203.45 Long Hill Stem Makerspace Long Hill Elementary School
Science teachers at this school wanted to create a 21st century learning space for students to experience science using Sunezoon maker kits.

2015-16 school year: $7,419

$2600 Restoring a Carolina Bay into an Environmental Learning Laboratory Cape Fear High School
This grant allowed the school’s Agriculture and Natural Resources and Science Academies to restore a Carolina bay located on the school’s ground into an environmental learning laboratory. Students participated in every phase of the restoration and continue to conduct labs on-site.

$510 Excited About Science Ferguson Easley Elementary School
This grant provided 5th grade students with an on-site field trip focusing on weather. For these students, off-site field trips are a rarity as the school is 100% free/reduced lunch.

$1604 Science Lab Supplies Cross Creek Early College High School
This grant replaced dwindling and outdated lab supplies

$854 Bringing Science to Life Ramsey Street High School
A teacher at this alternative school wanted to revamp the school’s science department with experiments, labs, and demonstrations to being science to life. Students constructed simple/complex machines, simulated radioactive decay, and applied engineering and problem-solving skills as they explored potential and kinetic energy.

$1851 Maxing Out Maximum Performance with MobyMax Brentwood Elementary School
This grant purchased a license for MobyMax which enabled teachers to use it for placement testing, progress monitoring, and assessments. The tablets also offer practice in mathematics, fact fluency, number sense, reading, language, literature skills, informational skills, writing, vocabulary and state test prep personalized for each student.

Glendale Acres Elementary (see grant application)


Westarea Elementary (see grant application)

2014-15 school year: $6,400

$4000 Transforming to Maker Classrooms Cape Fear High School
3D printer and cartridges to be used by the Special Interest Science and Drafting teachers to teach architectural design, topography, cell biology, earth science.

$500 “All-Star Academy” trip to Aloha Zoo Ferguson Easley Elementary
Some of the teachers at this school started an “All-Star Academy” with a laundry list of goals for teaching children everything from healthy eating habits to avoiding bullying. 90% of the children who attend school there qualify for free and reduced meals. This trip provided these children an opportunity to travel outside of their small worldview.

$1900 Sun Stewards Outreach Douglas Byrd Hugh School Academy of Green Technology
The Director of the Academy helped students develop a several-phase plan to outfit a mobile lab that could be taken into the community to educate others about being environmentally responsible. The students use wind turbine materials, solar powered cars and aquatic turtles to inspire younger children in different areas of science at school events, Earth Day fairs, and community events.

2013-14 school year: $5,000

$4000 Engineering is Elementary Westarea Elementary School

$500 OCS Science Closet Cape Fear High School
This project was to create a closet of hands-on materials for use in the Occupational Course of Study for children in their Exceptional Children’s Department. The OCS curriculum was developed to teach students with mental disabilities who function in the mild to high moderate range functional skills for life and work.

$500 Updating Mathematics and Science Book Collection Glendale Acres Elementary School
The media center’s book collection had an average age of 1995…at the time, 18 years old!! There have been massive leaps in technology and knowledge in these fields and this was an opportunity to modernize the books these students use.

2012: $4,500

$4,500 Science Lab Vanstory Elementary School
The principal had a vision to take an unused classroom and turn it into a science lab where science teachers could do more hands-on instruction to spark students’ interest in science.