Scholarship Recipients

Christian Pierce

I am very grateful to you for this scholarship. Your generosity will go a long way in easing the financial burden I face. As it stands today, I will have to take out a loan of upwards of twenty-thousand dollars to pay for tuition in addition to heavy contributions by my parents. It is for this reason that I am incredibly thankful for this scholarship award, especially one as large and generous as this.

This scholarship will not only be a major aid when it comes to paying tuition, but it will also serve as motivation to keep my high standards and work ethic consistent throughout college and beyond. Of all the people that apply for a scholarship, only but a few will receive it. As such, the acquisition of this scholarship award inspires me to maintain my academic integrity and quality of work, so that in the future I may continue to be recognized for my commitment.

My interest in pursuing an engineering degree is what led me to visit and apply to attend NC State. Finishing up my second year, I continue to be confident that I am in the right place. The whole campus really looks and feels like a community, and I am relieved to see so many avenues for getting help that students may need, such as counseling or tutoring centers.


Austin Pettitt

I would like to thank the donors for making this scholarship possible because it will help ease the burden of paying for school. The generosity of people willing to donate to help students get through school is amazing. They are willing to give their hard earned money so that somebody they do not know can get some help with paying for school, and I am so grateful for that.

Major: Construction Engineering

2nd Major: General Construction Concentration

Class Year: Senior

Anticipated Graduation Date: May, 2019

How does this scholarship make a difference in my academic career?

Every dollar I can keep off of loans is greatly beneficial for me in the long run. Without the help of this scholarship there would be a considerable amount of money going on loans that would have to be paid back later. I can focus on finishing my degree on time as well as not have to worry about working while in school, which will make it easier to graduate on time.

What do I enjoy most about NC State University?

I came to campus twice while I was in high school, and pretty much from that moment, I knew I wanted to attend. All the professors are willing to help students, and we have a beautiful campus on top of that. I believe NC State is one of the best bang for your buck schools around. My favorite part by far is that everybody here is part of the NC State family and make everyone feel welcome.

What activities am I involved in?

I am interested in the Associated General Contractors, and hope to be able to participate more due to schedule conflicts recently. I also have played intramural softball and have been more active in improving my golf game. I worked with Landmark Builders this past summer as a field intern.

My plans after graduation are:

After graduation, I plan to get a job in the construction industry and hope to be a project manager one day. I will be trying to gain as much experience as possible as soon as I graduate.


Justin Hall

Thank you so very much for your assistance in helping me achieve my goal of obtaining my degree at NC State. It means a lot that you are willing to make the sacrifice of giving money to help students like myself to further their education.

Your help makes the burden of funding my education much easier and helps me be able to focus on my studies more and not have to worry about my finances as much. I am attempting to make it through college without accumulating any debt from school and your contribution is helping make that possible.

As a North Carolina local NC State was an easy choice of school for me, since I knew I wanted to go into an engineering program. I love the program that I am in, and everyone involved in it is so encouraging and helpful with everything from getting internships and jobs to helping with a class.

I am currently working as an intern at Resolute Building Company for the summer. The job I am working on is Wake Chapel, in Fuquay-Varina. I am loving the job and cannot wait to start a career in this field.

Once I graduate next May I plan on joining the workforce. My ideal job in a couple of years is a project manager, after I’ve worked as an assistant project manager or field engineer first.


Sean Robert McKinley

McKinley picMy name is Sean Robert McKinley. I am currently a junior at North Carolina State University, majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I chose NC State because of its renowned engineering department. I always knew I wanted to work in the aerospace field–having had an avid interest in airplanes and race cars my whole life–so NC State was the ideal choice for me, and I have greatly enjoyed my time here.

I am a member of a military family. My dad was a fighter pilot in the US Air Force, and my mom works as a nurse. I also have four younger brothers, so our lives have always been pretty busy. We’ve moved around countless times and we have gotten to see and do so many things. Before NC State, I graduated with honors from Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville, NC. In my spare time I am a hobby musician, playing guitar and piano. I also like to build and operate radio controlled cars and airplanes.

I am looking forward to the rest of my time here at NC State. Junior year is, of course, when my curriculum really starts to focus on the aerospace field, so I’m very excited to experience it. I’d like to thank the wonderful people at the Stephen Shane Fincher Memorial Foundation. Their friendship and support has made my time here an even more memorable experience.


Bryant Miller

My full name is Bryant Leroy Hensby Miller. I graduated as an Honor Graduate from Bunker Hill High School in Claremont, North Carolina. Claremont is a rural, peaceful area that is located between Statesville and Hickory. Throughout the duration of my high school career, I was involved in various clubs, marching band, and played football. I am an Eagle Scout from Troop 312 and I try to stay involved in scouting by being an Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop. I am currently a junior at North Carolina State University and am majoring in civil engineering. My concentration is going to be in structures. In the future I want to design large scale structures such as skyscrapers, stadiums, and bridges. My current plans are to attend graduate school after I receive my undergraduate degree.

Some of my hobbies include playing sports such as basketball and football, playing video games, and watching movies. I have seen a lot of movies. As for all the other things in my life besides academics, I am most proud of being an Eagle Scout from Troop 312. I thoroughly enjoyed the scouting experience and it taught me an immense amount about life, leadership, and being part of a team. I try to stay involved in scouting by being an Assistant Scoutmaster for the troop. Lastly, I would like to thank the donors of the Fincher Scholarship for helping continue my education and becoming one step closer to my goal of being a structural engineer.


Jared Brewer

My name is Jared Brewer and I am a junior at North Carolina State University working towards my bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering and Management.  From an early age, I knew I would pursue a career in the construction industry.  I never thought much about leaving my home in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains of East Tennessee until I started researching colleges to attend.  After learning about the College of Engineering at North Carolina State University and the opportunities a Construction Engineering and Management Degree from there could provide, I knew that is where I wanted to be.

I have greatly enjoyed my time here at NCSU for many reasons.  I have enjoyed learning with like minded students who have similar interests and goals as I do.  I have also enjoyed living in Raleigh and being around campus.  The most beneficial opportunity I have been provided is to take part in the Cooperative Education program.  I have already completed two work rotations with Ulliman Schutte Construction which have proved to be very beneficial to my education by providing hands on experience with classroom learning.

As I look forward and consider what my future will bring, I am very excited at the possibilities.  I have three more semesters to complete at NCSU before I earn my degree.   I will also complete another work rotation next summer.  I am not sure what company I will join for my upcoming rotation; however, I am anxious to see what else the construction industry has to offer and gain perspective on my previous construction experience.